The Quick List - 30+ Simplified ways to make more money!

This page is for those who want to get straight to the point and make some money. This is a categorized quick list and small summary of each way to make money. I will be adding to this list actively every week until I reach #100!


By: Ryan Houck / Updated 6/20/2021

What to think about when going through this list:

This list is intended to give you a some good ideas and tips on what you could do to make some money on the fly. Most of these ideas have alternatives to them as well and you can expand off of them to do what individually suites you! Most of these are based off my own personal experience and what I saw people doing around me locally.


Sell your old electronics

Selling your electronics you no longer use can be a great money maker. You can sell these items you may have on local platforms like Facebook Marketplace or online platforms like Offerup or Ebay.



Driving people where they need to go or even delivering food can pay pretty well. Many platforms are available to use for this including Uber/Ubereats as well as DoorDash and Grubhub.


Buying and selling

Buying and selling items you are knowledgeable about can make good money as well. Many people buy what they know a lot about. I use to sell iPhones during my high school days. I made pretty good money buying broken ones and fixing them perfectly and re selling online for someone new to enjoy it. It is much easier to flip these things when you are knowledgeable about them. You can buy and sell on these platforms: Facebook Marketplace, Offerup, Ebay, Craigslist and Mercari.


Create your own website/blog!

Creating your own website personalized to yourself can be a very fun thing to do. You can write about almost anything whether it be sports, stocks, fitness, ways to make money(like what you’re reading right now!) or even for cooking. If you can figure out how to get a lot of page viewers for your content you can include ads and make really good money with a lot of traffic.



Start your own dropshipping site, most newbies use shopify because it makes the process of making a website much easier! You can sell products, make your own brand of clothing, there are many different individual ideas people use to make money with this.


Around the house work

Ask your neighbors if you can mow their lawn or shovel their driveway depending on where you live. I used to make great money mowing for family members and their neighbors. Also raking leaves or anything else around the house they would not mind paying you to do. You can make money during any season with around the house work.


Cut unnecessary spending  

Cutting unnecessary spending can be super helpful with saving more money over time. Many people forget about subscriptions they are paying for. I always forget that I have subscriptions still active that I don’t use on my iPhone.


Become a translator

Being a translator for a side job can make you some decent money. There are some great sites like that you can utilize to get paid for your skills.


Dog Walking

Do you love dogs? Being a dog caretaker may be a very fun job for you. Wag! and Rover are very popular platforms that people use to make a good side income. Check the site out to see the options you have for making money with dogs!



Babysitting can be a great money maker. If you have family or friends that have young children that need to be watched it is great side money. Most parents will pay well to have their kids watched over so they can go out for the night or have a little time away. Some well known platforms for this are and


Rent out your extra space!

Renting out your extra space can make you some great money! There are different ways to rent it out like letting someone park or store their car for a period of time. Another idea is to rent out an enclosed space for people to store their equipment. You can see what other local businesses are charging and make the price a little lower so your offer is more attractive. Some platforms you can use are neighbor, peerspace and sharemyspace.


Workout/Yoga instructor

Do you enjoy working out and have some experience in the fitness or yoga industry? Being an instructor could be a great fit for you and can be done on the side. Getting your certification for this can be beneficial as well and may attract more clients. You can also partner with a gym and have people sign up through there and use you to help them be more efficient with their workouts. If you enjoy this idea and working with people definitely check into it more!


Code websites/Web designer

Coding websites or being a web designer can make you great money. Having these skills takes time to learn until you are really efficient with it. Big companies will pay big bucks for those with the experience to maintain their website(s). 


Lend your skills

Using your skills can make you really good money especially if you are very good at something a lot of people need help with. This one can have so many options it just all comes down to what you are good at. Take some time and think about what you enjoy or you are good at and see if that can make you money!


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a solid idea if you have some knowledge in marketing, ads and you can figure out which niche products will sell. Having knowledge before just diving right into affiliate marketing is also important. It will save you from some beginners’ mistakes.



Do you have experience in certain subjects that students may need help with? This would be a great idea to explore if you have that knowledge and enjoy helping others. Here are some links for popular tutoring sites you can utilize:


Write essays/papers for students

Do you love writing? Many students are always last minute with doing their papers and finals and are looking for someone to complete the assignments for them. Usually prices to do these assignments range based on how much work it requires as well as the time urgency. Here are some great platforms that you can use:


Vacation planner

Being a vacation planner is a great side job to help others with their vacations. Sometimes people find it stressful to have everything setup and will pay someone to make sure everything goes smoothly. Here are some great platforms that you can work for:


Resume writer/helper

Helping students or anyone in general with their resumes can be very helpful and an easy way to make money on the side. Many people do not know how to professionally set up their resume and I have personally seen a lot of interest amongst students needing help with fixing their resumes.


Repair phones/ computers 

Are you tech savvy? If so repairing devices can be fun and you can make good margins for fixing peoples electronics. People make mistakes and there are more people than you would think that accidentally crack their screens or just damage something with their devices. I recommend using Facebook to get your service out there for free via marketplace since traffic is very high.


Social media influencer/ high following page

Social media influencers make pretty good money if they have a larger following of real people. This can allow those account owners to make passive income off of ads or any promotions they are paid to post. This is one of the more difficult ways to make money just because it is not easy to get a large following. Give it a shot with what you think will do well!



Photography is very popular and is widely used for many different events and activities. Normally people will hire photographers for special events like weddings, graduations, birthday parties and more! Most people have their own business but if you’re into photography you could always work for someone to get the experience then start your own business when you’re ready!



Detailing can pay well for cars, boats and even houses. Many detailers make great margins but you have to put in the work to make the money. Most are also experienced with it too before they start working on other people’s possessions. Especially cars you will want to know how to buff and detail before just jumping right into it! 


Sell your old clothes

Do you have older clothes that you never really wore much?? So many people will buy 2nd hand clothing especially if you put out good prices on them to clear out your old inventory. A very popular platform people use to sell used clothing is Mercari and Ebay! They have very large customer bases. 


Trade in your unused gift cards

Easy and simple way to make some money. I don’t know about you but after christmas time I always have gift cards left over that I will never use. There are some sweet platforms that let you sell your gift cards for money and it’s a lot easier than you’d think! These are the platforms I personally use to sell my gift cards:


Build your own brand/company

Starting your own brand or company can go in any direction you want! Maybe you want to open up your own pizza place or a bakery or even make your own clothing brand. There are so many different options to choose from depending on what you are interested in.


Buying and selling domain names

Have you ever thought of website names that would be really cool and may gauge a lot of interest? Get creative and look to see what cool domain names are still not taken because people will pay good money to get the domain they want. You can buy domain names for a considerably low cost. Most of the time it ranges from $3-$12 depending on any sales and if you get a .com site or not. Generally most people will go for .com sites so just keep that in mind!


Build and sell websites

This one definitely requires some experience with coding and already knowing your way around with building websites. If you do not have any experience you can always go and make your own website so you get a good idea of how to navigate through WordPress, plug-ins and more.


Become a Real Estate Agent!

You can make some great cash being a real estate agent selling houses and property! If you have connections and good with marketing then you are in the right place! Your best bet to get started is connecting with a local brokerage and seeing if you can get your real estate license through them! 


Hair cutting

Being a barber / hairdresser is a great job or even side hustle as well! You’ll just need to have some experience cutting hair through classes or personal experience. The next step is getting your barber’s license and then applying to barber shops or even opening your own!