6+ of the Best Investing Platforms!

Here are some common great investing apps that can help you get started with the Stock Market! Whether you want to invest yourself or have someone invest for you, investing in yourself it the most important thing you can do to help yourself learn, grow and succeed!


By: Ryan Houck / Updated 6/20/2021

What to think about when going through this list:

Investing your money is a very popular and efficient way to make your money work for you! Knowing how and where to invest is key. These are some highly recommended beginners apps to try. Remember to trade responsibly especially if you are new to this! Get the experience before throwing money around with knowledge! Best of luck on your trading adventure!



Pro: Easy to save  / Con: Takes awhile to save if you do not shop often

Acorns is another very well known savings/investing app. How it works is that when you make a purchase it rounds up the change and saves it for you. An example would be you purchased a shirt for $19.99 and with tax it comes to $20.79. It will round up to $21 and save that 21 cents and basically create a savings/investing account for you! This is one of my favorites and many people use this app to help them save for short term or long term! You can sign up here and try it out! Acorns – Invest, Earn, Grow, Spend, Later | Acorns



Pro: No experience needed / Con: Paid service(low cost)

Stash is one of the most popular ways to invest your money with absolutely no experience! It also serves as a simplified platform for advanced investors who are experienced already. They have a simple layout that makes it easier to know what you are investing into. There are not many other apps out there that do this so well. To try it out you can sign up under your friends/family members link and potentially get a free $20 in stock. Or you can you use my link here. / Stash | Invest in yourself.

You may be asking yourself what is the best way I can invest my money with only a small amount? Here are a few starter suggestions:



Pro: Great for charts  / Con: Trading isn’t too user friendly

This is the most common thing that millennials do. Just because it is the most common does not mean there is not as much potential to make money. You can be very successful if you study the market before investing. Webull is a great app to have to look at charts and price action. It is great for beginners and more experienced traders as well. It is free to sign up and if you sign up from pressing the webull link in bold above you get 1-2 free stocks valued up to $250! Webull – Investing in Stocks, Trading, Online Broker and Research the Market



Pro: Great for beginners  / Con: Customer service is not the best

Another very known platform that most beginner traders use is… you guessed it, Robinhood. The reason why this is the most used and well known platform is because of how user friendly it is. It is in my opinion the best trading app you can start with besides Webull. Also with Robinhood when you sign up you get free stocks as well. You can have a friend refer you with their link, or if you don’t have any friends who trade you can sign up under my link. 🙂 Commission-free Stock Trading & Investing App | Robinhood



Pro: Pretty good charts / Con: Ads 

Investing.com is a website as well as an app that you can utilize to get great info on stocks. I prefer using this platform over others for looking at after hours activity as well as futures! This platform has a pretty clean layout once you are use to it but it takes some to learn how to navigate around. Take a look! -> Investing.com – Stock Market Quotes & Financial News



Pro: Community of traders / Con: Ads/Some false info

Stocktwits is more of a fun social platform that users can discuss their opinions on. There are seperate chats for each individual stock and you can get some great info from certain users/bots. Obviously never trade solely on what someone says because they could be wrong. Always do your own research :). Stocktwits – The largest community for investors and traders 


Coinbase and Coinbase PRO

Pro: Very user friendly / Con: Buying and selling fees are high

If you are looking for a user friendly platform for crypto trading Coinbase may be a perfect platform for you! It is super easy to setup your account and deposit the funds needed. But there are also some drawbacks. Coinbase the primary blue app has very pretty high buying and selling fees. You also can not see your buying history summed up like you can on other trading platforms. Coinbase PRO is the best bet with lower fees if you decide to buy and hold crypto for awhile. *trade responsibly with crypto it can be very volatile, always bet with what you can afford to lose worst case scenario! :)* www.coinbase.comhttps://pro.coinbase.com