5+ of the best Driving and Delivery Platforms!

Here are some of the best and most popular driving/delivery platforms available! Keep in mind you will need some sort of transportation for these platforms! This section will be updated once a week as well!


By: Ryan Houck / Updated 5/19/2021

What to think about when going through this list:

Making money to drive and do deliveries is one of the most sought after side hustles. You can make really good money depending on how much work you put into it. First thing is first. You must know which platform you will want to utilize. Next you must meet the requirements for completing jobs for the selected platform. An example would be that you need a car and time to work for Doordash to pick up food and deliver it to the customer. Here are the options and small summaries below. These will give you a bit of a idea to how much money you can make and a short summary of the job.


Estimated pay is anywhere from $11-$17 an hour

Instacart is a platform where people can request others to shop for them. You get paid to pick up customers’ groceries and deliver them to their front door. This is a great way to make extra money on the side and you choose when you want to work or not. Pay ranges very frequently based on your location and how fast you move. You really have to hustle to make good money from this service. Become a Full-Service Shopper – Instacart


  • Work when you want
  • The faster you work the more you get paid
  • Easy platform to sign up for
  • You can get good tips (varies based on the order)
  • More people are using this platform during the pandemic


  • Some people may not tip well
  • You are paying for your own gas and expenses 
  • Dealing with people at times can be challenging
  • There are other platforms that pay more for your time and services.



Earn up to $25+ an hour! (will vary based on location and situations)

Doordash is one of the most popular platforms you can use to make money delivering food to people. You pick which trips you want to take. You can decline if you think the trip is too far or you won’t make enough money for your time. How much you can make varies a lot. If you dash during busy hours where they Doordashers are in high demand you can make up to $3 more on top of what you would normally get paid to complete the delivery. This is one of the higher paying platforms you can utilize to make good money if you really hustle. Become a Driver & Deliver with DoorDash | Alternative To Hourly Jobs


  • Pay is pretty good and higher compared to other platforms/apps depending on what area and time you are working. 
  • You work when you want
  • No cap on your earnings
  • Most orders are quick to process and pick up
  • Other apps require more work to get paid less


  • Variable pay. Sometimes there won’t be anyone in your area requesting for food to be dropped off. More populated areas will have more people requesting the service.
  • You use your own transportation and pay for your own gas



Earn up to $30+ an hour (will vary based on location and situations)

You can make really good money Ubering especially at night time when people leave bars/casinos. Pay goes up a lot based on demand for drivers and on the amount of drivers available. If you are one of the few drivers in the area with very high demand you can make a lot of money for short trips. For example when leaving I casino it was $39 to go 3 miles down the street. Of course this will vary especially if you are Ubering where there are many drivers but less demand for them. Driver Sign Up Form – Sign Up to Drive with Uber Here | Uber

Discover how much you can make with Uber’s estimator here! –  https://www.uber.com/us/en/drive/how-much-drivers-make/


  • You can make really good money Ubering at demanding times/locations
  • You work on your own time/schedule
  • You get to choose which jobs/trips you are interested in doing
  • Great for a part time side hustle or even as a main job while in college/school


  • You may be driving around intoxicated passengers or some may give you a hard time sometimes
  • If someone throws up in your car(Customer will be charged by Uber for this and they pay you to have it cleaned up)
  • You are using your own car and gas
  • Pay varies greatly on demand. It could be not as busy and have anyone at certain points of the day especially if you live in a not as populated area.



If you live in a city or heavily populated area chances are Postmates is popular option to deliver food, alcohol, convenience items and more! It is another great platform to try out! **The only thing is if you live in a place with a smaller population Postmates does not seem to cover these areas yet. For now it is definitely more city oriented.** https://postmates.com/

Driver Salary estimates provided by https://www.ziprecruiter.com/Salaries/Postmates-Delivery-Driver-Salary



Another very popular platform is Lyft! Very similar to Uber’s platform. Get paid to drive individuals who need to get from point A to point B! You earn very good money when you work peak hours as well! An example would be when people need a ride home from having a fun night out! Especially when demand is high you can make some great money. Your best bet is to have a fuel efficient and reliable vehicle so you can maximize your earnings! Sign up here: https://www.lyft.com/driver