10+ Career and Personal tips/tricks to boost yourself Financially and Mentally!

Knowing what you want to do in life isn’t always the easiest. Especially when it comes to choosing what profession you would like to be in. These are some tips I thought would be useful for anyone that is looking to change it up a little and make more money.

By: Ryan Houck / Updated on 6/2/21

What to think about when going through this list:

If you want to be your best self and really push yourself to become the best version it can be then you are in the right place! Here are some tips that I have found to be very insightful and I want to help every single one of you be the happiest/successful self you can be! 


Get off of your social media apps

Getting away from social media can be a very good thing for you! It allows you to do other things that are most likely more important. Taking regular social media breaks is a good thing to get into as it helps you be more productive! 


Practice not going on/checking your phone so often

Yes I know sometimes this is not the easiest thing in the world. BUT it is good to learn when to be on your phone and when not to be. Most people will spend hours on their phone everyday scrolling through mostly meaning less things. 


Put time limits on how long you go onto certain social media apps for

This is a huge thing and has helped me a lot! I set certain time restrictions on social media apps that I spend too much time on. It’s like a friendly slap in the face telling you to get off and do something productive!


Try deleting the apps that hold you back the most with your time

Hate to do it sometimes but this can help significantly. Deleting apps that you aimlessly scroll through because you are bored is honestly a great idea. Yes sometimes these apps are good for entertainment when you are bored but most of the time they are being used while you can use your time for activities to improve yourself. (Yes this is indeed a self motivation page)


Apply for new jobs

Do you sometimes wake up not so excited to go to work? Yeah me too. Applying for new jobs is something you should always be doing unless you absolutely love your current job! But for most people hopping on sites like Indeed can land you a job that you may like more with a higher pay! It is always worth a try to finder better opportunities.


Dedicate time to what you want to focus on/ keep a schedule to be organized

I know I know sometimes it’s hard to focus on your goals but they are very important and when you accomplish your goals it will make you a more fulfilled/happy person! I found that setting a schedule for certain activities kept me on track and I got stuff done!


Ask for a raise/job promotion at your current workplace

Do you like your workplace but want to earn more money? Asking for a raise or even a promotion! If you are a hard worker most companies will always consider rewarding you for being a great worker. Sometimes that promotion may take a little longer to get and lots of hard work but at the end of the day it’s worth it. 


Eat healthy

I know this is very simple but it is also very important to keep your health and diet in check always. Having a healthy diet affects you in many ways mentally and physically. Personally eating healthier keeps me in better shape and I always feel better. Of course you can cheat the diet from time to time life’s short do what makes you happy!


Surround yourself with good people

Being around good positive people will make you a more positive and good human being as well. You know the saying, you are who you surround yourself with! Being in my early 20’s I learned that very fast. Surrounding yourself with happy, hardworking people is the best thing you can do!


Start a hobby

Starting a hobby is always pretty fun. Especially when you are very happy doing it and sometimes even making great money! Having a hobby will keep you busy and in a productive working mode. Think of what you would like to do that reasonable, fun and makes you happy!