20+ Ways to make passive income with your own Blog!

Here are some solid ideas/tips you can utilize when thinking about what kind of blogging site you want to start! Remember it is always easier to blog about something you are passionate about and most of the time your writing comes out a lot better.

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By: Ryan Houck / Updated on 5/23/21

What to think about when going through this list:

These are just ideas to get you started on your thought process with what kind of blog you’d like to create! Go with something you would love to write about and comes naturally for you. When you love what you do it will be much more enjoyable and you will put out good content compared to writing about something you have no interest in.



One of the most popular ways to blog is with guiding people on how to make delicious food. Maybe you have some great ideas that will attract a lot of attention. The more traffic you have on your site the more money you can make with ads!



Creating a blog for sports is a great idea for many reasons. One of those reasons is because traffic is very high which means you can make good money off of ads. You can also make content pretty easily based off a team you may like or just a recap of games for people to follow.


Working out

Posting your own blog with informing people on ways to burn fat or build muscle can make you some good money! This is because working out makes people feel good and people are constantly searching new ways to work out and burn fat.


Stocks/Crypto trading community

Making a blog for stock trading would be very cool especially if you can get a lot of people to follow your site. You can start by posting stocks like NIO, AAPL, TSLA. Anything traded with high volume has the potential for high traffic flow. Crypto is blowing up as of 2021 and seems to catch more popularity as time goes on. Having a blog that goes over popular coins can attract a lot of traffic if people like what you are writing.


Camping blog

If you have some experience in camping and enjoy it this would be a great idea for you to start with. Especially in the summer time the blog will perform better because many people go camping when it’s nice out.


Dirtbikes/ATV Blog

Writing about Dirtbikes and ATV’s would be a great idea for someone who owns them and has experience with the different manufacturers and models. This would be a hot topic in the summer time!


Cars/trucks Blog

A cars and trucks blog can be a very good idea too. People are very into their cars and like me search forums and blogs all the time. Making your blog user friendly so they can comment and interact would be a great idea as well.


Real Estate Blog

Real estate is huge and always will be a hot topic with high traffic volume. You could create a blog where you focus on one area(high population recommended) maybe even just one city and figure out something new someone has not done yet that would attract a lot of traffic. There is so much potential to make money with this one. 


Popular Products Review Blog

Usually people resort to Youtube to do product reviews and such but doing niche product reviews that link to amazon to buy the products can be a great way to make money too. Most important tip is that you do not try to sell too hard. The product has to sell itself in a way.


Recreational Activities , swimming, surfing, bowling etc 

For this you may want to go with just one topic because it will seem more specialized instead of all across the board. For these you could review various products you personally think are the best. 


Hunting Blog

Hunting would be a great topic to write about especially if you have experience in the best products to use for different hunting situations.


Gardening Blog

Gardening is a pretty big blog topic because so many people are always looking on tips and tricks with how to do it correctly. There are so many different topics you can get into with gardening especially if you already have the experience.


A Gun blog

This type of blog would be super popular with the United States traffic. Americans love their guns and I have many friends and family members who are always looking up guns and ammo. 


Lawn care Blog

You know how much dads love their lawns. Making a blog site with this topic should be pretty straight forward and would be killer with traffic in the summer time. Going over different product reviews with various grass cutting equipment could be great for traffic. 


Home Improvement 

Home improvement blogs do very well too! New and existing home owners are always look for new creative ideas/designs for their residence. You can also promote products and get paid when people buy what you are promoting!



Having a politics blog can get you a lot of views especially if you focus on current events! People love/hate politics because everyone always wants to know what’s going on. Especially in the past 5 years it seems like so many more people care more about politics.


Current events / News

Personally I believe this is a great way to make money since views are generally pretty high on news sites. Most people always wants to know what is going on locally and worldwide. 


Success Experiences

Talking about your success can be very influential and motivate people to become their best version of themselves. It can range from working out to financial success. The opportunities and ideas with this are endless!


Personal Development

Everyone always wants to better themselves because it makes them more confident and normally happier overall. Everyone struggles with different issues and that could be working out, acne, financials and many more. People are always searching different solutions to their problems! Creating a site maybe where people could ask certain questions and advice would helpful as well as a good money maker with ads.



Do you have skills with marketing? People are always looking at better ways to market their business or what they are selling! You could even create your own course for people to follow so they can have great skills in marketing just like you do!



Business in general is a very wide topic to talk about. If you have experience with any type of business you can use your own experience to help others with their problems. Think about problems existing or new businesses may have and capitalize on what solutions you could provide!